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I was born in Oakland, California in 1947, at the U.S. Naval Hospital. My father was a career Naval officer, so we moved every two years or so, including a three-year tour of duty in Seoul, Korea, and two different tours at Bangor and Keyport, Washington, respectively. I enjoyed the Pacific Northwest, more than any of the other places I had seen. I returned to the Seattle area to go to college at the University of Washington in 1966, at the height of the protest against the American involvement in Vietnam. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in French, Spanish, and history. My daughter graduated from Smith College with honors, received her Master's Degree in Education as a New York Teaching Fellow, then relocated to Vashon, where she has pursued a real estate career. I continue to walk, garden, or serve in service organizations, a portion of each day. I am an active supporter of our excellent local schools and the extensive artistic movement that colors so much of what happens here on the island.

I immediately got a job working for the then State Attorney General, Slade Gorton, in the fledgling Consumer Protection Division. investigating business practices and assisting the legal staff in preparation of cases. In 1976, I moved to Vashon Island, seeking privacy, space, security, and community. I married my husband in 1977, and he has continued to be a helpmate, friend, confidant, and partner for nearly forty years.

I went to Seattle Massage School, became a licensed massage practitioner, had a child, and in 1993, when my child was becoming more independent, I began my real estate career. Although I had enjoyed the other "occupations" I had pursued, real estate was the first career for which I felt passion. I love Vashon Island, and I am happy to be instrumental in bringing great people to this amazing place! Everyone's life is enriched when another talented, intelligent, and worthwhile person, steps off the boat, onto these shores---and they stay.

Recently my husband and I purchased Windermere Vashon! This next level---business ownership---will enable me to serve Vashon and my clients at a more integral level. I hope you decide to stay on Vashon, love it as much as I do and add what you can to the rich life that has been built by those who arrived before us and those who are to come!

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